Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been a quilting day ALLLLLLLL day!!

I didn't get started really early, I spent some time looking for some pictures on my computer that I took and that someone wanted copies of.  Good night, it took me hours to find them.  Anyhow, got done with that and ran to my quilting area and turned everything on and grabbed some fabric.  :)   Do you remember this quilt?  I had fun making it from fabrics I'd been buying and saving for years!  So I decided to finish up this fabric and make another striped quilt.   Here's some pictures....

This is the way I'm going to put these together.  Different from the last one and kind of like a spider web, but not really intended to be a spider web!

This is the first chain of all the squares sewn back together after I cut them in half!!  I love chain sewing, it's fast and fun. 

Ok, so all small squares made and then divided up into 4's so that no block has 2 of the same square in it!

 Some of the blocks are matched up pretty well....

And some are not!  I did not try to match up, it's the luck of the draw!
 And the halves are chained together, 2 of these make one big block!

And since I just have to show at least one back, since my quilting teacher always said how the backs should look darn near as good as the tops!

And my stack of finished big squares. 

Opps, ran into one of these, obviously done incorrectly....  

To make the squares work, you cut one square in half this way.......

And the other one in half this way and then use half from each square to make them do what I want them to do!

Ok, I made 20 large blocks, that's going to be 4 across and 5 down...  This one will be the same size as the first one.  A nice size. 
So, my light started fading and since I haven't gotten a new light or fixed my old OTT light, and since my quilting room is on the east side of the house, when it gets to be about 3pm it starts to get dark in that room!  So I didn't even try to start squaring these up and putting them together.  Perhaps I'll get that done in the morning!

But seeing as how I was still in a sewing mood, I took some paper piecing patterns and decided to print some off and try my hand at something new....  So

 There are two patterns, each 3.25" square.  Tiny for me, I'm not a small square kind of gal, but the small size will allow for SCRAPS!!!
So here's the first one all sewn together... looks like a pile of scraps doesn't it?

All the extra fabric cut away...

And here's what the front of my first one looks like.  I won't show you all the overlaps that I SHOULD NOT have on this block!  And I don't like it much either, kind of maybe too scrappy for me?

So try try again!  Here's my second block all finished!

And here's what it looks like all finished!  Pretty!! I like this one.

And here's what they look like next to each other! I think this is going to be a lot of fun once I get into the swing of it.  I have done several paper piecing projects, one a kind sized quilt that I still need to bind so I can use it! 

I think I might be able to eke out some time tomorrow to work on the stripes and maybe make another one or two of these!  I believe I'm going to do the solid on one side and pattern on the other.  Maybe all white, maybe not!  Time will tell. 

Almost time to feed the dogs and myself!  Then I have to fold and put away all my clean laundry that didn't get put away last night and figure out exactly what I'm going to be doing tomorrow! 

Have a great evening, God Bless,   Anne

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