Friday, January 20, 2012

I've been quilting since early this morning,... a lot done! Yippee!

I finished my striped quilt top.  And I've picked out fabrics for 2 more quilts.  I almost always have more than one quilt going at any one time.   :)  I've got a ton of pictures, and lots to talk about today.
Here's my newest quilt top:

Looking at my blocks, some are darn near perfect, and the closer they are to perfect, the bigger lump you have in the center and the heavier and hotter I iron.  

And then some are so NOT close to perfect.
I'm never going to be perfect, or even close, but I am a lot more picky about what I accept as acceptable now than I was when I first started quilting!

When I first started quilting, this would have been ok with me.  But now, nope, going to take out a few stitches and fix it...

That's much better, will lay without extra bulk and looks so much better!

A look at the back..  

The two pins in that top square indicated that this is the second row of blocks and that this pink and yellow square is the top of that 4 square and row. 

I laid these out very carefully so as to not have any of the same colors touching.  ARGH!  Now how did that happen?  Ok, taking out the top row and will resew it so that no colors touch!

And here's the final quilt top, all done and now waiting to be sandwiched and quilted!  Now what shall I do with those striped scraps???

My quilting friends ask me all the time if I have a walking foot... YES, I do have a walking foot for my bernina.

Here the walking foot in it's box with all it's little friends.

And here's the walking foot next to my quarter inch foot, both bernina feet.

And here's my quarter foot on my machine.  THIS is why I rarely use my walking foot.  It's not a quarter inch foot and it doesn't have that nice little bar down the right side of it to keep my seams at 1/4".

And it kerchunks when it walks!  I don't like the sound it makes... I know, I'm nuts, but I can hear that kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk.....

Do you use a walking foot?  Or do you have a machine with one built in?  Pfaff and Janome have some and maybe even Baby Lock if I'm not mistaken.

 One of the quilters blogs I follow is having a quilt along.  Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.  Anyhow, here's the quilt she's going to be doing.
Quilts of Valor is a group that provides quilts to injured service men and women returning from overseas.  This is one Judy designed for her to make for them. 
Anyhow, her's is in red, white and blue.  I'm not a red white and blue kind of gal, so mine will be in the colors to the right or right below!  All solids.  Should be fun and colorful.

I think these are almost the final colors.  I did find a nice solid yellow that I may use instead of the lighter purple. Yellow is bright and this is looking a little NOT bright to me.  But with the white background I'm sure it will cheer up some.  :)

I think I'm going to save the Swoon quilt fabrics to talk about tomorrow!
I've posted a bunch of pictures so far and I have many more. 
I think I'll try cutting out a block or two for it now.  :)  Happy Quilting and God Bless,   Anne

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