Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Satruday! Got a block done...

Well, I made one of my Swoon blocks.  I've got a bunch of pics for your, it was kind of hard to decide which fabrics to use, I had a lot to choose from!

 This is the pattern that I am doing.  Swoon.  I LOVE these and have seen so many beautiful ones out there.  The possibilities are endless with these.  I love the top right, the very center one and the center and right one in the 3rd row.  So that's pretty much the look I'm going for.
But, I'll use my favorite colors and some of my favorite fabrics.  :)

These are some solids that I wouldn't mind working in the quilt.

And I like these really well too.

And more fabrics that I really love....

And a few more.  Are you seeing the pattern.  I love blues and teals and pinks and yellows with a splash or orange thrown in!

Reading the instructions for the pattern, it says to pick "Pairs" of fabrics out, so here are some of my pairs...

I especially like that ornge one on the bottom center!

 And a little purple might stir things up... or maybe not...

 The yellow with the print pattern are a must for this quilt!

I love both of these prints, but not sure about the solids...

More pairs.  I love the clash that some of these fabrics give when put together.


That teal with the orange is great, but not sure about for this quilt!

Love the dots!

Love the two on the right!

Interesting combinations!

 I picked these three pairs.  but I'm rethinking that center pair, just not positive!

 These 6 are finalists as well! 
And that's done, I've picked my 18 fabrics for this quilt. 

Ok, this is what I'm doing first, the green really is more teal, but it does look very green in the pictures...
 Here are my two fabrics up close and personal. 

And the first block is done!  Took me about 3 hours to cut out the three fabrics and sew together.  What I didn't do was square at each step.  I will do that for the next block.  I had to ease some fabric in and I don't like doing that if I can help it.  And I know better, I HAVE to square at each step of the way.

I like this pattern.  The directions are pretty good.  The only actual problem I see is that the directions are copies and they are a tad dark and it's difficult to read what's on the "fabric2" illustrations.  But other than that it's all good!  But all in all, I've very pleased with this.

Just to give you an idea of the size, that center block is 6" square (6.5" when you cut, before you sew!)

I've picked out the next quilt!!!  It's called Supernova and there's a set of "Quilt Along" instructions HERE.
It's another big block and I am anxious to do this one too! 

And that's pretty much all I accomplished today!  I went to mass this evening and then a friend and I went out for salad at our local pizza joint.  It was a yummy salad.   I was up early this AM and so I'm beat and pretty much ready for bed!  Have a great Sunday!!  God Bless,  Anne

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