Saturday, December 17, 2011

Love my Saturdays!

I have been a sewing fool this morning.  I got all my striped patches put together this morning.  I squared them all up first, and then they went together like butter.  Love that! 
This thing is so squared off that it amazed even me!  But the picture looks crooked, and it's not, really! 
But anyhow, it's really pretty, much prettier in person, I love this one.  It's so nice and bright. 

That's it for the moment.  I have to fix some lunch and then get ready for church since we start mass at 4.... seems like the middle of the afternoon to me!  Oh well, such it is.  :)
Have a good day today and a blessed Sunday.  Anne


Anonymous said...

The quilt is so bright, I LOVE it! And it's huge, too! What kind of machine do you do your quilting on? I never thought to pay attention, if you have said. Or do you just have the Mennonite ladies do hand quilting?

Anne said...

Thanks Sandra, I love it too, the colors are my kind of colors!
I have a bernina 750E. I have a love hate relationship with it!! There's a lot I like about it, a few things I love and quite a bit I hate about it, but it was pricey and darn it, I'm going to use the darn thing! I don't think I'd buy it again, there are other great machines out there that aren't so expensive. I have quite a few machines, and Pfaff is good as is Janome.
I will probably do this one on my Bernina as far as the quilting goes. I have the special foot for doing that, the stitch regulator.
I've done, and have one on the frame now, a bit of my own hand quilting, have never had the Mennonites do one for me. They do for charity free, but they'd charge me and it would be big bucks!
If I could afford to buy one, I'd have a long arm machine, they are pretty cool, but VERY expensive. Even to have someone else long arm quilt them is pricey.
Thanks again for your compliments!!