Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quiet Sunday...

Mass this morning and then a long nap when I got home.  Cleaned up the kitchen, cooked some chicken and hamburger and froze and did a few loads of laundry.  And now it's almost time for bed.  A truly lazy, quiet day!
Tomorrow I have collars to make.  And I have to work on another quilt if I have time.  I really need to pick up another ott lite or some kind of light for my quilting area so I can quilt at night!  :) Will have to think on that, and maybe see if I can fix the broken ott lite.
I've been on the go so much lately that neither of my dogs bothered to get up off the dog bed they were sharing this morning when I left.  That makes me feel good, they finally realize that I'm coming home.  :)

I'm still keeping my eye out for a 25-40 pound poodle.  But nothing yet.  :) 

Have a great week, God Bless.   Anne

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