Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I think it's Wednesday.... holidays always mess with my week!

I actually had to look a bit ago, thought it was Tuesday all day!  Monday was MLK day here in the US and no banking, no mail etc and so forth!  So Monday felt like second Sunday to me. 
I sewed again today, made harnesses and leashes and collars galore! I also sat down at my quilting machine and got a couple of my free style blocks done! 
I watched a couple of movies, one of them I got about half way through and will finish up tomorrow was "Labyrinth" and I haven't seen that one in many years, but I'm enjoying it a lot! I remember it very fuzzily as being good, but had no memory of what it was about.  Anyhow, good movie.
And now with the pictures! 

One of my 12.5" blocks.  the center block which is the flowered fabric and the white fabric was one of the very first, if not the first, paper piecing blocks I made, and I cut it without the 1/4" seam allowance at the edges, so when I sewed it, it lost its points.  So, I put it away (for about 6 years!) and just got it out and made it into a big block with other fabrics.  :) 

This is one of my blocks that I just start sewing scraps of fabric together!  I used no yardage, all scraps.  Not my favorite block, but not too yucky either!
 Stack of collars.  3 of them are brocade fabric collars and one is a trim collar.

Another stack of collars.  The dark blue one on the right bottom is just like the brown trim in the above picture, only blue.  I love that top one, a one of a kind collar, the trim is supper metallic and kind of neat!  Purples, gender neutral.  I think it's a about a 18" collar.  

Hot pink harness for a little girl in New York!

I put special heavy duty side release buckles on this, all metal that shines like crazy! 

This is the white collar that is on the bottom of the one of the pictures above.  I love this trim, but sell very little of it, and I understand that most people don't want a white collar on a dog!  But it would be so pretty for a dog that's attending a wedding!  It's gender neutral, took me forever to find white trim that wasn't lace and flowers!

I'm tired, got a lot done today including laundry!  Now I finally have more clean clothes, and that's always good!  I'm sure that I could round up another load, but I'm not going to do it tonight. 

Well, that's my quiet life, and sewing for the day!  I have more harnesses to make tomorrow and I want to finish my movie. 

Have a great evening and a good night,   God Bless,   Anne

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