Saturday, June 22, 2013

Show and tell!

Back in January I joined a group of very talented women to do a Cotton Robin.  Actually if you've ever heard of a round robin, that's what it is.  And since we've now all got our blocks back, I can show you mine and the ones I worked on.

This is the block I sent.  My very favorite teal with some greens, beige and yellows.  

This is my block when everyone was finished with it! 
See all those little squares?  Those were fussy cut and each little square has a bird on it!  The next border with the white chapel windows and the whirly gigs in the corners was the second row.  And the last gal quilted it!  Amazing, just absolutely amazing!

Then, the first block I got I had to put on a border and it had to be a pieced border.  And I didn't tell anyone, but I'd never done a pieced border in my life!!  teeeeheee. 

This is the block I got.  the first one.  I sat and looked at this and looked and looked.  And then put it up on my design wall and looked and pondered and looked and then started pulling fabrics!

And this is what I did with it! First I put on a dark blue border to match up with some of the colors in the original block, then  I put on the pieced border and then a small border to stabilize the pieced border.

The next gal put the light blue and then the larger darl blue borders on and then the awesome applique ribbon.  Then the last gal sandwiched it and hand quilted it and put on a lighter color binding. 
This turned out soooo awesome, I'm so happy I was able to have a hand in it!!

This was what I received to put on a second border.  I looked at it and put it up on the design wall and stared at it some more.  I honestly thought it was awesome just the way it was!  I dug through my fabric and dug and then looked at fabric on line.  Was looking for something to go with the circle motif and in the blues.  Found nothing I liked.  

So I took a darkish ocean blue and a patterned fabric with blue and the green in it.   I did another pieced border!  I love doing the pieced borders, but getting them just right is not easy!

Anyhow, when it was done it just didn't feel done yet and I knew that the next person would sandwich, quilt and bind it, no more borders.

So I found some orange fabric just like the blue and green fabric I used....

And I put a bright orange border on it!  :)
It really made it pop and made it come together in my eyes!
I sure hope the owner loves it as much as I did!

And this is the finished quilt!  Very cool.  :)  Again, proud that I was a part of making this awesome wall hanging!

One more to go!

This is what I received.  There really are two borders on this, the original block  is on point.  The reds are the first border and then the green and blues are the second border.   It took me a few minutes to gaze and understand what folks had done to this block!  So I sandwiched it and quilted it.  Nothing fancy just mostly around each triangle. I thought it was very neat with the applique on the green triangles and that it really didn't need a lot of fancy quilting. 

And here it is all finished.  I love it, hope it's owner did as well!

And that's my first Cotton (round) Robin. I had a blast and cannot wait to do it again!  I might get even more daring with the next blocks.  :)

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QuiltSwissy said...

I love the way you put photos of the ones you worked on.

And yes, that orange was the exact thing it needed!

I do like yours, lots of interesting things going on there.

I LOVE mine!