Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mr. Rudy's first overnight....

Sounds like he's a skin child doesn't it?  *grin*  But alas, my little boy is spending the night away from home.
And he's not sick, this was planned.
My sweet boy has run off to spend the night with the Lovely Mariah and her daughter Trinity.  Mariah is his groomer, or rather I should say that she was Magick's groomer.  This is Rudy's first time to the groomer and boy oh boy was it ever time!  He kind of looks like a bear!
Mariah is wonderful with dogs, well, really any animal alive!  She put up with my Magick who could be a real pain, but I think Rudy's going to be a bigger pain.   I would have sent Rudy to see Mariah a lot sooner, but we had a complication with me getting in touch with her.  So I was thrilled to get a hold of her last Friday.  Anyhow, since Sugar can't/won't stay alone in the house, Mariah came and picked up my boy.  And Trinity came with her.  I met Mariah about 6 or 7 years ago when she found a greyhound.  And she's the best darn groomer I have ever met. 
Anyhow, she's going to get rid of Rudy's hair.  He'll probably be scalped because he should have been groomed a couple of months ago.  But hey, we don't have groomers on every corner out here. 
Anyhow, here's some pics of Rudy and his groomers!

Mariah and Mr. Pepper with Mr. Rudy.  LOOK at that fur on his body!

Trinity and Mr. Rudy.
Rudy was a very good boy and loved them both.  They are simply dog people and he knew it.  He'll probably be good as gold for Mariah.  (please God, let him be a very good boy!)

I miss his little self, the house feels quite empty. 

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