Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A sewing kind of day...

I even got to turn on the Bernina for a bit!  I felt the urge to create something so I made a pillow case!  hehehehhe I know folks are tired of seeing them, but they work when I have that URGE that I cannot ignore and I must do something creative!

So my day in pictures, cause what would a blog post be without pictures??  (boring I bet!)

 One of the many things I made today is this harness.  Cute isn't it?
You can see that I have my machine set up on a plain wooden board, it's across 4 sets of plastic drawers.  Works well, it's been like that for more than 8 years!  It was supposed to be temporary, but I believe that it's permanent!  :)  I love that measuring tape there, it is really tape, and it's so handy to have that there, I use it many times a day when I'm sewing dog stuff!

Part of the wall in front of me.  some collars that are prototypes, a business card with my Frasier's pic on it, a note card with Sugars picture on it and to the very left, you can't see it, but it's another note card with Lynch's picture on it, and a check that bounced!  That check bounced MANY years ago, but it's there as a reminder that it happens!

After I finished sewing for the dogs, I got this terrific urge to be creative.  I went over to my quilting area and looked around and thought about a few things and then decided I'd finish this fabric off and make one more pillow case from it!  I gave my friend Linda the two I made from this fabric last week and I think she liked them.  She's quite the gardener and loves flowers and all kinds of garden things!

 Ok, so when I turned my "burrito roll" out, this is what I saw.  ARGH!  Well, under that green strip of fabric is a yellow strip.  I tried to do a double one! 
Ok, I told myself that they has to be a way to make them go the other way.....

And there was, but it involved turning the hem towards the bottom and taking up a bit more of the 10" cuff. 

And I realized that I'd have to sew it down to make it stay put... not the little strips of fabric, but the seam, because it kept trying to flip over again!

So, I looked at it and decided how to proceed and then sewed it down. 

It's not perfect, but there are two decorative pieces of striping and they are pointed towards the cuff!

And then finished off the side and bottom seams with a French seam. 

I love it!

I will be sewing dog stuff all week long most likely but hope to sneak in some quilting or fun sewing time each day!

Ok, it's time to eat and I'm starving!  Have a great evening and God Bless.  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. I have to laugh at you because I have been there only too often!

You pulled it out, though. Great job!