Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Monday.  :)

It's hot, 94 degrees when I was out a bit ago.  Yesterday it got up to 106 on my deck in the shade.  And of course, yesterday the electricity was off again... about the same time it went off on Saturday.  It was off for almost the same amount of time as well. 
Thankfully today, the electric has not gone off.   It gets old very quickly.  :)

Do y'all use Miracle Grow for your plants inside and out?  I have never used it before, but I have a friend who SWEARS by it.  So I bought some, actually, probably enough to last the rest of my life!  And I've been using it on my succulents and my baby spider plant.  And IT WORKS! 

These are my succulents and my spider plant!  The succulents bloom and in past years I get one or two blooms a season, so maybe 5 a year. 
This plant has one in full bloom and 8 more buds, some very large and some smaller ones.  It's going to bloom all summer.  the one to the right is brand new cuttings planted this year and it's growing like a weed.  That spider plant in the center there gets bigger every day.  These plants are in a west window and are thriving.  I've had the succulents for about 7 years now and it's doing very well.  The spider is only about 3 months old and really took a long time to root and get planted.
I'm longing for an African Violet to put in my window.  My Mom raised beautiful violets in her day, all kinds and she propagated them and was always giving them away.  So it would kind of be a bit of my childhood in the window.  :)   I'm going to buy one soon and see if I can keep it alive.  Back in Ohio my Mom always said that they needed a north window and I don't have one, so I wonder if a west window will work. 

It's been a typical busy Monday morning here.  I'm getting ready to sew some stuff in my front room and would love to be able to turn on my bernina for a bit today!!

Have a good one,   God Bless, Anne

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