Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's been a day...

Up early and dogs feed early and then Sugar isn't doing well.  She was leaning against my bed, and that's not a Sugar thing.  (Lulu did that all the time, but never Sugar) Next thing I know, she's down and unable to get up. Ok, made sure she was as comfy as possible in that spot and then I had to run a very short errand, so I loved on her and told her I'd be right back.   When I got back, she got up and staggered a few feet and then lay down in a typical greyhound sphinx position.  And then she threw up.  (oh joy) So I cleaned that up and she stayed there.  So I left her and made a phone call to the vet and talked a minute or two and didn't make an appointment yet.   Got a cup of coffee and then turned around and Sugar walked through the kitchen just as nice as you please and went into the living room and sprawled out on the stack of dog beds in there. 
Gave more kisses and hugs and had to go and sew.  By the time I came out of the front room an hour or so later, she was up and about like nothing had happened. 
My little girl is going to give me high blood pressure for sure.  I worry like crazy about her.  She's elderly in Greyhound years and I worry about her all the time. 

Look at that furry thigh!  Sugar has had bald thighs most of her life!  She was on thyroid meds for a long time and then was weaned off of them.  (some vets think that spooky greyhounds will be less spooky on thyroid meds, but it didn't really work for Sugar.
Anyhow, she went out all by herself and pooped and took a stroll around the yard with some good sniffing going on!

Look at her, she's almost the same color as the dirt is here.  I sure do love that old lady!

And she trotted up the ramp!  

Look at that beautiful face.  I remember when there was no white on that face. 

So I got a lot done and some stuff ready to mail.  Sug is feeling better and I'm going to go and do something.  Think good thoughts for my girl.  It's going to be really tough when she leaves me.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I always feel a pang in my heart when you start talking about the greyhounds not feeling well. I am so glad Sugar is better. It really was one of those days.

If you ever are in need of crazy, I can send you a nice basset for a couple of days........