Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ahhhh Tuesday....

Only 4 more days until we start the Creative Journal!  I can't wait!

Order one and join us, it's going to be fun, and I love to share the fun!!

I got mine at Amazon and it was used and it's in really good shape!

Try it, you might like it!  And you can do every other day if you are pressed for time, or once a week or whatever flips your creative side!


It's not quite 10:30 am here in Arizona and already it's been "one of those days."

Woke up tired.  I'm always tired, but was especially tired today.

Did some good things, blew my computer out with canned air.  With the dogs here, I tend to do this about once a month, and today is the 11th, so I'm 11 days late getting it blown out.  I've totaled my share of computers, and it's always been about the fur and dust and dander. 

Went to feed the dogs.  Was getting wet dog food out of the can for Sugar and sliced my finger open.  I said a few words that I will probably have to go to confession for. Finally got it to quit bleeding like it was an artery (I know it's not!) and got some PSO on it and a Band-Aid on it.   Got the dogs fed.  Got Sugar outside, check her bowl and there's 2 melted antibiotics laying on the bottom of her bowl.  Poo. 

Sitting here waiting to get Rudy outside, Sug's already been out and is in my closet in the bedroom snoozing.   AND all of a sudden I can hear here trying to move around in the closet, and it sounds like she's about to go through the wall.  Run into the bedroom and she's got herself  catty corner in the corner and I guess she's stuck.  So I roll her over and get her situated.  Scared the heck out of me and I said more bad words. 

Here's my girl in the closet.  She's used my closet as her "home" since we moved here.  She's a bad spook and this closet makes her comfy... most of the time.  I keep some clothes hanging way up (the person who owned this house before me must of been very tall as I cannot reach the top bar without standing on something, make it hard to hang clothes on!) but they are kept covered since Sug makes for a lot of dust and dander and hair flying in there!

I planted some chives in a pot in the house, hoping I get some to grow.  A friend gave me some, but they are BIG and I've never seen chives like that.  I'm sure they'll be very good when I use them though.  :)
Also bought some Rosemary seeds.  Rosemary will grow outside here all year round.  I love the way it smells and it's always nice to have some fresh herbs to use when cooking.

I bought this yesterday at Walmart.  I went with a friend and we did some shopping and then went out to eat.
I really thought this was cool, and I've never had one.  I'm not taking bets on how long it will last, time will tell!!

I have to make a harness today and then I hope to work on something quilty for a while!!  ;)

So, I'm out of here, got to get Rudy outside and then get sewing!

Have a great day and God Bless.    Anne

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