Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun fun fun doing the 365 day of creativity!

Ok, it's been a day! Internet is still spotty for me.  And was off a lot yesterday.  So when I make this post will certainly depend on my internet connection.  :)

No rules!  I love that.  I have changed some things.  :)

Yesterday.  Make a stencil, use it in your work.  Well, nope, that didn't do much for me, so here's what I did:
I did some applique.  Since that's one of the things I really want to concentrate on, I changed it a bit!  This is just plain raw edge applique.  And I think it's going to make a neat block to put in a quilt.  Maybe I'll make enough blocks with this challenge that I'll be able to make a wall hanging.  :)

And today was to transform an old book.  I don't have any books that I don't love and want to keep!  Since most of my reading is on the Kindle these days, I don't have 'extra' or 'unwanted' books laying around.  So, since there are no rules, I changed what I did!

I figured that since tonight is a supermoon, I thought I'd applique a coyote and a supermoon!  We are kind of cloudy here today, so I might not see much of the moon tonight.  So I made my own picture!  :)  This one too is raw edge applique.  :)   I have some more stuff in mind.... I have friends who need gifts, gifts just because I want to make them something.  :)

I'm having a blast with this 365 Daily Creativity Journal! 

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