Thursday, June 20, 2013

No, I wasn't ignoring the blog, my internet was bye bye for about 2 days!

At first I thought it was my computer.  You know the deal, you call the provider and they tell you that everything looks fabulous on their end, no problems at all, must be you.   And that's exactly what they said. 
So I futzed and futzed and futzed with my computer and nothing made any difference.  No email.  I could occasionally get on and get to a page, but then it would go away again. 
So I called back and got a female tech.  I had company coming up on my deck as we were talking.  I have WiFi here and there are about 10 people on it.  And after asking others, I knew that none of us had internet.   So I told Tamera, I have company and I have to go, but it's not just me, it's other folks too, none of us can get to the internet.  You work on this and I'll call you back when my company leaves.  And I hung up.  So after my company left, I called her and she had dug into it and told me that there were some big issues with the line somewhere and she was sending someone out.  LOVE it, took a gal to at least take me seriously and then find that there were indeed issues.   So about 5 or so, I had internet.  My whole day had pretty much been shot with this issue. 

So my 365 stuff is late!
So day 4.  Take a walk and use materials that you find, make something and leave it there for someone else.
I walked and found pine cones.  And so I then played with my pine cones!

Very girl scoutish, but hey what the heck!  I glued fake pearls on it with gold colored beads and made some kind of something!

Put it back outside by the mail boxes and someone nabbed it almost before I got back into the house!  I sure hope they like it.  I know it's kind of juvenile, but it was fun to do.

This one I watered down glue and rolled it in spices.  Smells great!  This one went bye bye too.  I sure smelled wonderful!  Again, kind of silly, but fun.  :)

Day 5 was to work with a collection. 
I have 2 collections, sewing machines and greyhound quilts and wall hangings.  I sewed for a while and that was working with a collection!  No pictures of that!

Day 6: look in kitchen and work with first fruit you see.

I walked into the kitchen and the first fruit I saw was an orange.  I wondered if eating it would be enough "working" with it, but decided that wasn't very creative.  :)

So I fired up the bernina and dug out some orange embroidery thread and decided to sew something....

So I made an orange and I put leaves on it! 
I tried to make the little round things in the skin but my machine wasn't as smooth as I'd like, but it does remind me of the orange skin.  :)

I figure I will add at least one more fruit and then quilt it and hang it up in my kitchen!

What I've done here and add to it making some harnesses and collars and such and that's pretty much been my life for the last 3 days!  It's been hot, 106 in the shade yesterday.  Rudy is good and Sugar is back to her normal self.  And God is good.   Have a great evening and God Bless..   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I say it does look very much like orange skin!

I also like the pine cone idea.