Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I've been busy today, did my banking and running around for groceries and to the hardware store and the dollar store and so forth.  I try to get all my 'running' done in one swoop through town! 

I am a fan of Janet Evanovich's books, esp. the Stephanie Plum novels.  They are funny and make me laugh!  Anyhow, in many of these books Stephanie talks about her TastyKakes all the time in the books!  I'd never heard of them and have never seen one... until today.

I should have taken a picture before I took the "twinkie like" cakes out of the package.  You can see the price,  $1.69.  And honestly, it tasted very little like a Twinkie.  The cake part was WAY too sweeet and the filling was pure sugar, not creamy at all.  BLECH!  I wasted my money!
But, at least now I've had something made by TastyKake!

 And today I got my upgrade to EQ7.  I've had 6 for some time and just upgraded.  That means the EQ should soon bring out EQ8.  :)   That's pretty much how my luck goes! 

Now, to find and take a class on EQ7 so I can actually use the software!

And yes, last evening I made another pillowcase.  I put 2.5" stips together, 6 of them.  Think about that for a moment!
DUH!  I totally didn't figure on the other 3 being hidden .... hello... wake up Anne....  :)

I'll use it, but I'm not thrilled with it!

See, the best part is on the inside.  :(

Folded up.

And with the other ones I've made.  

I have these fat quarters that I am thinking about making a pillowcase from.  I have a pattern for a pillowcase that calls for 4 FQs.  We'll see, not sure yet that I want to use these for pillowcases!

I've been reading a book, but I honestly can't recommend it, it's just not a very good book.  Thank goodness it was a freebie!!  I'm going to finish it tonight and then leave a review for it.
There's a bird outside that is driving me nuts, one of the mourning doves who is mourning evidently!  The quail around here make a lot of noise too, calling to each other.  ARGH!!  HUSH up birds, you are tap dancing on my last nerve!

Have a great Wednesday all, and God Bless.   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

LOL on your pillow case! That was a good lesson I guess. Sometimes I will do things right without even thinking, and then something goes wrong......bam.....I realize I should have been thinking about it!

Tomorrow they grout. Last day.....that's it!