Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week and I didn't get a lot accomplished today, but did turn on my Bernina and  did a little quilting that turned into a ....... Pillowcase!!!  :)

 So I made about 24 HST in green and pink!  And just sewed them together lined up one after another.  Then I wanted some green between the pink and the HST's so I added a 2" piece of green on the bottom.  Then I sewed it to the 10" piece of fabric for the cuff.  I added the pink accent band and then attached everything to the body fabric.  I love it! 
I would love to figure out how to make that band go up instead of down, up towards the band vs. down towards the body. 

Here's the back.  :)  I try to make the back as neat as the front.  Comes from my Mennonite quilting teacher!

And here's the whole case.  I think it's pretty neat!  :) 

And the 6 I've made so far.  I'm going to have to start mailing these away or giving them to friends here in town!!

Went out for dinner last night with a friend and ate way too much, in fact ate so much that I was still really sluggish this morning.  Didn't feel good until about noon.  Had some fresh strawberries for breakfast/lunch and will have a salad for dinner.  Eating out is filling, perhaps I need to make a bigger effort to bring at least half my food home for lunch the next day. 

Ok, I might have time tonight to make another pillowcase, have to figure out what I want to do, it's got to be different than what I've done so far!  :)

Have a great day!  God Bless,   Anne


QuiltSwissy said...

When you press the seam that olds the flange, press it down toward the body of thepillowcase if you need to sew a second seam right close to the first one, like you would on a collar of a garment.

I do so love your pillow case!!! You are on a huge roll. Up how many is that now? 2,476????

QuiltSwissy said...

Did that make sense? Press the seam that HOLDS the flange. There is a period and some spaces in what should be the second sentence.

Did you know I also speak gibberish???? LOL