Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Week....

Yesterday I sewed for about 9 hours with just small breaks to get up and move.  Unfortunately it wasn't quilting sewing!  And today I sewed for more than 6 hours.  Again, it wasn't quilting sewing.  :(

We had a glorious sunset tonight, so I ran out and tried to get pictures, but it wasn't nearly as pretty by the time I got outside, but I have pictures!  Enjoy!  :)

You know, I'm thrilled that the Mexican Bird of Paradise come up pretty much on their own and come back year after year and spread their own seeds!   I love flowers, but one thing I don't really enjoy is gardening.  It's dirty and buggy and sweaty and I'd rather be doing laundry or dishes or something else...  But I'd also love to have some container tomato plants, maybe next year.  ... hehehehe

It was a beautiful day today, but within the next week it's going to be in the 90's pretty much every day.  I KNOW we need rain, but I'm hoping that the Monsoons are late this year, I'm just not looking forward to the humidity.   Right now it's nice, so I'm going to enjoy my deck before it's unbearable!  :)

Have a great Wednesday y'all.  God Bless,  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

The sunset is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing its splendor!
I can't sew because I can't focus well. Sigh!