Sunday, May 12, 2013

I've just got to share!!

I'm sure y'all are sick of my pillowcases, but I made 2 more!!  I love these things.  Something tells me my Granddaughters are going to have lots of cool pillowcases and my friends too!!  :)

I like this one.  I've had that print fabric for a very long time and never could figure out what to use it on!  So here it is, a pillowcase!
 The yellow band isn't quite perfect, but hey, once I use it I'll never notice!  :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!  I've been hoarding it for a long time, more than 5 years I guess.  I have quite a bit more of it so will put the rest of it up for a quilt.  

I made the accent band 1.5" instead of 2" for variety!  :) 
My 5 creations!  :)
You know, why buy expensive patterned sheets, solids with home made pillowcases will make for a very attractive bed!
Actually I have a few sets of plain colors, and these will look fabulous! 
I've already put out the fabric for the next 3 pillowcases. 
And I found a pattern that uses fat quarters!  Should be fun.  Actually I've found a lot of different patterns, and I'm going to make at least one from each pattern.  :)   A pillowcase can be used as wrapping for a gift too, how much fun would that be?  :) I just noticed that I made the cuff on that last one a bit wider too! I really enjoy making these, it's so quick!  The most time consuming part if picking out the fabric.  :)

Alrighty then, gotta get some beauty sleep, I have a ton of stuff to sew tomorrow!  Have a wonderful week and God Bless. Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

You are a pillowcase demon! LOL. Soon everyone you know will have 50 new pillowcases!