Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm having fun!

I have had fun today.  I've made 2 more pillow cases.  I'm getting a bit faster at it, and more used to measuring. 
Ok, pictures!!

See, this is the second pillowcase I made.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE bright colors.  I've had this fabric for a while now and just never found a good use for it.  Well, now I have!  

See that black band, I figured out how to put that little embellishment strip on it! 
I love this one, wish I had enough material to make a second one just like it, but I don't.  But that's ok, since it's only me and the dogs sleeping on my pillows!

This is just so cool that it kind of just blows my mind a teensy bit!  align, roll, pin and sew!

And here's my 3rd one!  I had just exactly enough of this fabric left after making a swoon block out of it!
I love it!  A little less bright, but I do like it!


All three of them!

Look how skinny the first one is!  I did use some "less expensive" fabric on that one, hum... me thinks it shows!!!

And just because they are so pretty!  The annual blooming of the Mexican Bird of Paradise bushes.

 A little closer up. 
I was outside with Rudy a bit ago, and heard a strange noise that I had to stop and think about.  Then it dawned on me that it was bees buzzing!  There were TONS of bees darting in and out of these blooms. They draw not only bees, but I'll see some humming birds here soon too.  In fact, it's time to get out my hummer feeder and get it filled!

That's pretty much it for today!  Have a great Sunday, God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Those flowers are so beautiful. And you have Pillowcases! Yes!

I love making them too!

Happy Mom's Day!