Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another first!

YES, I made a pillow case today!  hehehehe   Again, I know, it's an easy thing that everyone does and blah blah blah.  :)  BUT I have never made one before.  I was bored  (goodness knows, I have no reason to be bored, I have so much I could be doing, but it's not creative!)  so I Googled "pillowcase tutorial" and got a ton of hits.  the VERY FIRST one I clicked on was  HERE   and so I got the PDF file and read it and a lightbulb went on and SHOCK, I understood it!  heheheheheh
So I made a pillowcase!

 I didn't want to use some of my more expensive fabric and screw it up.  I hate to waste fabric!
So I picked a pinkish maroon fabric that is pretty good, and a patterned fabric that I've had around for years.  I have no idea where this paisley fabric came from, but it might be as old as my kids! 

I did the "roll up" or "burrito" method of putting the cuff on the large piece of fabric.  This leaves no seams visible to the eye between the cuff and the body of the pillowcase.  Pretty nifty if you ask me, but then I guess no one has asked me!  :)

See, cuff on the fabric and no seam on either side! 
I love this!  HOW COOL.  :)

Yes, I tend to get a little excited sometimes!

 Didn't take a picture, but I did french seams, so there's no edges of fabric anywhere on my pillowcase.  :) 
I've done french seams before, back when I made clothing, but it's been a very long time, but it came back to me easy peasy!  :)

And here's my finished pillowcase. 
Do y'all have any clue how much fabric I've got?  A TON of fabric.  I see it now, I'll have 10 pillowcases for every set of sheets I own.

Actually, this probably sounds dumb, but I think I have most of the pillowcases for all the sheets I've had over the years and all the ones from the sheets my kids had when they were young!  When sheets would die, the pillowcases usually were just fine.  So I kept them.  How many times did we need pillowcases that didn't match sheets?  Camping, retreats, overnights for the kids, a pillow for the couch, etc. and so forth.  So I really do have a ton of pillowcases, but these are prettier than most of the ones I have!

Ok, must make more pillowcases....  :)   If you are on my Christmas list, guess what you are getting?  *grin*
And for the grandkids and yikes, I can make Halloween cases and Christmas cases and oh, this boggles the mind!

Have a great day!  God Bless!!   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

How exciting! Congrats on your "first"!

Here's an idea for you, I made pillow cases and used them as the wrapping of all my gifts under the tree. Now that is cool! And if you know the person's likes and loves you can personalize the fabric choices.

The ones I have done have a little flange that sits and looks cute in between the body and the edge.

Way cool.