Saturday, May 4, 2013

I made a tote!

I know, it's silly to get this excited over a tote, but I made one!  When I was in high school, I made all my own clothes, I even made a floor length wool winter coat (buttons only!!)  yet the thought of making a purse/bag/tote scared the heck out of me.

So Glen  of Quilts and Dogs, offered to walk me through a tote tonight.  What a gal! 

Ok, this was so much fun, and so funny all at the same time!  She ended up sending me 36 email messages and 5 attachments.  I sent her 33 email messages and 3 pictures.  We were burning up the internet tonight!

 Then she was telling me that my mail was bouncing, so I was at my domain and in the server mailbox and looking for bounced emails or emails that were stuck in the email system and nothing, nada, not even one! 
So she sent me detailed emails.

And then all of a sudden it started clicking!  YIPEE!  You know, I swear I had an almost perfect GPA in college, yet it seemed to take so long for it to click, but I'm sure glad it did!  hehehehehe

 This is the fabric I picked.  It's by Moda and probably 5 years old!
Making the corners for the box bottom!

more corners!

TADA!  My tote.

Inside out, it's reversible!  Now how cool is that?  hehehehe

Inside out with the outside in.  :)

With the outside out and the inside in! 

Thank you so much Glen, I had a blast, even with the email glitches! 

Glen has the patience of a saint, I asked some pretty stupid questions tonight!!

Hum.... I see more totes in my future!  And in my friends futures too.  I have a lot of fabric that I can make totes from! 


QuiltSwissy said...

Patience? Me? LOL. My psychic mother would tell me I was sent here this time around to learn patience and I would probably have to come back again cause I wasn't learning it!

I enjoyed it too. Kept me from having to watch Blue Blood with Frank! How he can like that show is beyond me.

You were a good student, and get an A+ from me!


Jake said...

Glen really is great! Totes are lots of fun. You should try zippered tops! They are very easy as well. I love your fabric.