Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Friday night and I'm tired.

I've been up since waaaay too early.  But hey, sometimes Sug just wants me to wake up!  Then of course she goes back to sleep.  ARGH!!

Phone starts ringing early, so good thing I'm up. 
Ran to town, to the bank and then to get a hair cut.  It's been warm here, over 90 quite a few days already, so my hair has gotten to shoulder length and of course, I'm putting it up on the back of my head to get it off my neck.  Hate long hair in the summer!  So I went to see my fantabulous barber Sandy and she washed my hair (doesn't that feel wonderful??) and then cut a bunch of it off.  It feels sooooo much better. 
I've never had "good" hair.  It's fine and it's fly away and it's straight as an arrow, and I've had more bad haircuts in my life that I can even count or remember!  I get a wonderful haircut every time I go see my friend Sandy, she's just got the touch with my hair.  Finally, but heck, I had to be an old lady before finding someone who could cut my hair!!!  :)

Then I went to our little store and got some fresh fruit, strawberries and some honeydew melon and some fresh greens and yummy! 
Had refried beans for lunch, I LOVE refried  beans!  Just out of the can, heated up with some cheese melted on top.  And of course, some hot taco sauce on them.  Yummy!
Had fruit for dinner.

We've had a couple of really wonderfully cool (in low 80's) days here.  But the dust blowing around and the wind, though the wind could have been much worse.  But I love these nice days. 

And just spent a couple of hours trying to make my computer behave.  Hate when the computer decides to be cantankerous! 

So, I'm going to go and re-read the instructions my friend Glen sent me on how to make a tote!   She thinks I'm funny because I'm terrified to make a purse/bag/tote!!  And I am.  Never mind I made a floor length wool coat in high school, purses and totes scare me half to death! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  God Bless.  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

May day! May day! your email box is full! Aughhhhhh!

I bet you think I am ignoring you.......but you are bouncing back!