Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's been way too long!

I'm tired and can't wait to get into bed!  Need sleep.  :)
Ok, been sewing dog stuff like a mad woman.   Got in some pillowcase sewing today. 

I'm going out to eat with a friend soon and it's been a while.  I missed her Birthday, so I made her a couple of pillow cases.  :)  

I have a ton of pictures to show, and not all pillow cases either!

 I don't know what color her bedroom is, and I think these won't match, but they'll be fun!!  She loves to garden in the summer and I think she's raised sun flowers before.  :)

They are made just opposite of each other!

This one is actually my favorite!

I have enough of this fabric to make one more for myself!  hehehehe

I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and just have not had time until today to open it and give it a shot!

It really seems to work!  
 But then I noticed that the piece with the button you push to make it grind the blade is not really attached to anything.  I had only used it for one side of one blade when I noticed it, so it's not from something I've done to it...

It doesn't fit into the place where it's supposed to be snug.  It's always up about 1/2 inch.
So I called the folks who made it.  They are going to ship me out a new one and provide a label to get this one back to them.  Now if it works out the way he said it would, it will be fantabulous  customer service.  I'll let you know what happens!  I still have time to send it back to Amazon if they don't follow through.

And after sharpening 4 blades, I still have this stack of used blades to sharpen.  :)

I made these collars for the greyhound group in Sierra Vista.  Hope Dave likes them!
 And more collars for them!!

They are having a big fund raiser so I  know that they can auction these off and make money.  Or do a raffle.

The red one on the right is also going.

And this one too.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Ok, I have a few more fun pics, but I'll save them for tomorrow or Friday!  Have a great 'rest of the week!'
God Bless,    Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

You really have been busy. Thanks for following up for me and worrying today so I didn't have to!

I really love those pillowcases. I may need to make a bunch of my own.