Monday, April 8, 2013

WINDY, it must be spring!

It is VERY VERY windy outside today.  I really wouldn't want to be on the road, esp. in my big SUV.  From what I've seen, there have been some accidents on I-10 up towards Tucson due to the wind and the dust storm. 
And yup, there is a dust storm.  Rudy and I went out, he had to potty and I wanted to get some pictures.  He was loving chasing his toy, it was going to the ends of the yard with this wind, with very little effort on me throwing!  But we got full of dirt and really couldn't stay out long.  Sugar looked out and dug her heels in and looked at me like I was CRAZY if I expected the queen to take her royal self out into that wind and dirt!


That up above and down below is the pasture behind me.  And it's mostly just a vision of dust!

 I can't believe that plastic bag is hanging on that barbed wire fence. 
It was almost standing on it's head during a wind gust!  This wind is fierce!
And I was surprised, Mr. Rudy was fearless!
He just wanted chase his toy when I'd throw it and bring it back to me
and start all over again.  We both are full of dirt!  ICKY!

What a day!  But I've been busy and yet to turn on a sewing machine in the house!  Hope you are having a great day.  God Bless, Anne

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