Sunday, April 7, 2013

How things change!

Since my precious Lulu is gone, things have changed around here.... a lot!
Rudy and Sugar get along very well.  Sug loves him and always gives him a good sniff when he comes in from outside.
And he, of course, is always happy to sniff her!
If I take Rudy out and Sug knows we are outside, she stands in the house and howls.  No, she doesn't want to come out, she wants us to come in.  Have I mentioned that she has SEVERE separation anxiety?
And if y'all remember when I got Rudy, it was because both of the greyhounds had separation anxiety and couldn't live as an only dog.  BOY and I glad I have Rudy here!  It has made all the difference in the world for Sugar.  He allows her to function.  And she loves him apparently and plays with him and snuggles with him if she can!
When I take Rudy out for his "mid" walks... "mid morning,"  "mid afternoon," and "mid evening" tinkles, we play. I throw the stuffie and he runs after it and brings it back in.  He will do this over and over until he's exhausted.   And of course, you've heard that saying... "A tired puppy is a happy puppy."  And yes, my goal is to wear his little behind off.  :) 
The treats I've been giving Rudy have been re-called, so the company that makes them is refunding my money for them, and that makes me happy.  Actually the ones I have been giving Rudy are not the ones that have antibiotics in them but they are still refunding money.  I gave Rudy the duck ones and it's the chicken ones that are "contaminated."  So I'm guessing we'll either get a check or one of those cards with the refund on it.   I swear by those treats though, Rudy would do most anything for a little taste of that dehydrated duck jerky! For now we are using some treats we get from the dollar store.  Rudy likes them and Sugar is wild about them.
 Sugar in Ohio.  She loves toys and here she's decided that the toy box
makes a wonderful and cushy bed!  You can see the plastic handle
right at the lower edge of the pic and center.  Silly girl!
 Sugar coming up the ramp to my deck!  Look how much her color
has faded and how white her muzzle is.  She's such a great gal!
My baby boy!  Thankfully Rudy is here and keeps Sugar grounded!

A friend and I went to Willcox tonight to get Dairy Queen.  We both got a Hawaiian Blizzard and boy oh boy was that thing good!  And it was a large too.  Yummy.

Ok, that's it, heading to bed, I'm practically falling asleep at the key board! Night, and God Bless,  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I see that same change in Chloe's pretty face, full of grey and white now. When I lost a dog I have always been glad to have had another to hug that week until I dealt with my loss.

The dogs keep me gounded. And I keep them fed and happy, nice return i think!