Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ahhhh the weekend!

I sewed last week, from morning to night!  But no quilting.

Today I wanted to watch a movie and I wanted to sew. 
So I had seen this really neat smocking technique that I thought was really cool.  I had saved the blog where it was and the instructions were, and I decided to give that a shot this morning. 

I watched the movie Hachi.  And if you love dogs and you haven't seen this movie, you need to watch it.  Just have lots of tissues near at hand!  Then I started The Magic of Belle Isle and am about half way through that one.  But I finished my hand work and wanted to blog is so I will finish that movie in a bit!

Tressage tissu

 This is my piece of fabric.  It starts off about 21" wide. I drew on 1/2" squares.  4"x14" worth of squares. I didn't take a picture, but I had to put in / marks and \ marks  in alternating squares leaving every other square blank.

Then I started putting in my knots, catching the point of the block and going the way of the / or \ and  pulling the thread tight and securing with a knot.  I used a square knot, but I'm not sure that was the best knot.

On the opposite side, it begins to make your fabric appear braided...

And more....

And more....

The knots...
Lots of knots!
I had to tie the knots and then trim...

 And this above is the front. 
Now, this took a couple of hours.  What did I learn?
1. use thread the same approx. color of the fabric!  
2. Where you see the knots on this side?  they are probably coming apart on
the other side. 
3.  Maybe square knots aren't the best knots to use.
4.  Maybe need thicker thread than doubled sewing thread.

I did have to re-do some of the knots that I first made.  I think I will have to take this apart and redo it with better thread.  But first I have to find some of my heavier thread.   But it was a lot of fun to do.  I was anticipating troubles with my right hand because of the carpel tunnel, but so far so good.   Actually earlier today I was having a LOT of pain in my right thumb, so it was probably not the smartest thing to do with that pain, but it disappeared and hasn't bothered me since.
Also, I have ink all over my fingers, I used a pen to draw the squares on with.  I would use a pencil next time.  (Note to self: buy pencils next time you are out and about at Walmart!)

Here's where I got the idea, this is a tutorial.  I think that purse is really great!  

The other day I was talking to a neighbor.  Out here, sometimes neighbors are real close, and sometimes not so close.  This guy is one of those not so close, so until he was down here, I never noticed him at all.  :) 

I took some way cool pictures of his Mercedes Camper.  Yup, I said that right, a Mercedes Camper.  A car that he has built a camper upon!  It's an 82 Mercedes diesel car.  So here are the pictures:
 See the air conditioner on top, full comfort!

And it runs on used vegetable oil!  I said "so you go down the street smelling like a french fry!" and he said "no, like a wonton, they use better oil!"

Pretty cool!

He's got a tin 'raven' on top of the Mercedes emblem on the front of his car, says it helps him sniff out good oil! 

The care is in pristine shape as far as the body is that you can see!  

Anyhow, I thought it was pretty neat and told him I was going to blog about it!  heheheheheh  Nice guy, though he says he's a bit eccentric!  

Ok, off to finish my movie, have a great weekend and God Bless,  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Frank was impressed, the car is older than Carrie!

Love your smocking. Thanks for the site, I need to try that, it looks so pretty. I would think a quilt with that as blocks with sashing the same color but flat would be so exotic!