Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not a good day... bummer...

I was supposed to go out for a 'girls day out' with a friend.  She and I usually go out in the fall since we both have fall birthdays.  Well, last fall her son was very ill and they had lots of problems with him and we never got to go out, we tried and she kept having to cancel.  And I was fine with that.  Her son is disabled and bed fast and is the most delightful happy soul you've ever met.  I just can't say enough good things about him and his parents.  Great folks.  Anyhow, she was supposed to pick me up about 11 this morning.  About 20 after 10 she called and I couldn't understand a word she was saying for the first two sentences until she calmed down a bit... finally realized she was crying.  Her old horse was down, she'd been off her feed for a day or two and now she was down.  And they needed to find a vet quickly.  I was able to call another friend with a horse and got his name and called around and got his number and he was able to come to their house to check out their horse.  And unfortunately the mare was put down as she was very old and very sick.  My heart is hurting for my friend.  I KNOW how much she loved this horse and I know how sad she is right now.  They have another horse who is about the same age and thankfully she's doing ok, but as we all know, these things can change in a heartbeat.  We'll try again next week or the next week. 

Miss Lulu's ashes are at the vet's office and I need to get to Benson to pick them up.
I was looking through files on my computer today and found some wonderful pictures of my greyhounds and my Magick the Wonder Poodle.  (not sure why I call him that, but I have since he was a little soul)

 We'll start with Phantom.  He was my first Greyhound.  The above picture is so funny.  I 
was vacuuming and so I stacked the beds up in the butler's pantry while I vac'd the family
room and the kitchen and the hallway.  Phantom took advantage of all those soft beds
stacked up and made himself right at home!  These greyhounds are all about comfort!
 See that black dog in the lead in the #1 racing silk?  That's my Phantom.  He raced
until he was 4.  He retired when he broke his right rear hock. (a fairly common racing
injury) But you know, he finished that last race on 3 legs.  Tenacity at it's finest!
 See the big dog on the little dog bed?  Yup, they love comfort, and all comfy beds
are for the greyhounds, even when their butts hang off the beds!
 A picture of Phantom here in Az.  Just being comfy.  Isn't he gorgeous?
Most black greyhounds go grey very early.  Phantom wasn't one of them!
He had very few white hairs on him when he died at age 12.  I miss him.

 And here above is Phantom modeling a pink princess collar.  Doesn't that look say
"Mom, I'm not a girl and I don't want to wear a pink collar, please get it off!?"  He
looks embarrassed to me!
 After Phantom came Cali. She was a smiler! Cali lost her happy home due to divorce. 
She was being crated 23 hours a day.  She came into my home like a diva and took over and became the queen very quickly! She was the play police and would even put the toys away.  Gee I miss her! 
I had to teach her to do steps.  I learned that you don't wrap the leash around your hand when teaching a dog steps.  She jumped and pulled me ass over teakettle down about 8 steps and I landed on my but (after doing a complete flip!) on the cement pad at the bottom  of the steps.  She landed in the grass.  Many greyhounds tend to go too fast and when their feet can't keep up with the steps they jump.  And I'm lucky I didn't break something.  I was quite sore the next day!
 She was such a pretty girl, and there was no doubt when looking at her that she was a girl!
I have always called this picture "Driving Miss Cali" I loved
the way she put her butt on the seat and sat like a lady!  She'd gone to a meet and
greet with me and we were heading home.  This was right after I got my Excursion.
I do miss her so much!

Enough for one day!  Tomorrow will be Lynch and Frasier.  :) 

Have a good Thursday and God Bless.    Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Sorry about your friends horse. I have loved a few horses in my lifetime as well.

Your phantom and Cali were truly beautiful. I love black dogs. They are so elegant looking. And Cali looks comfortable on that car seat, LOL.

My dogs,do the same thing when I pile the beds up!!!

And I laughed at Rudy blowing in the wind yesterday!!!! He is fluffy!!!