Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Friday!

Lulu came home today.  A friend picked her ashes up at the vet's and brought them to me.
She fit into her beautiful urn without a problem. I always feel so much better when they come home.

Started the day off without water.  The guy down the street was sure it was a dry well. (we have a huge well that about 10 of us share) I guess an Eeyore thing with him.  Actually it all turned out ok and all is good.  :)
We could probably use another tank (or whatever on earth they are called) but for the time being, it's all good.

First came Phantom, then came Cali and thirdly came Lynch
And heeeeere's  Lynch
Lynch is a BIG boy with legs to the moon.  He was a FAST racer.   Every spring and fall at the National Greyhound Association in Kansas (I believe) they have what's called spring and fall nationals.  Folks bring their hounds and they have some racing that doesn't count, it just showcases their talents or lack there of.
My sweet boy was FAST FAST FAST!  And he sold for something like $23,000.  That is a LOT of money.  The person who bought him took him to a track in West Virginia.  The best track in the US.  And Lynch didn't break maiden, he wasn't racing very fast for some reason.  Ok, from there he want to a track called Dairyland Greyhound Park to race.  There he was in a night time race and instead of turning a corner, the ran straight into the far rail.   He was hurt, and put back together and then after some down time he went to Geneva Lakes Greyhounds Park.  There at Geneva Lakes his trainer, Lynn, thought that there was something wrong, thought maybe he had a detached retina due to the accident. So they sent him to the best canine eye vet there was.  And welll... not good news.  He didn't have a detached retina.  He had PRA, progressive retinal atrophy. And he was going blind, and quickly.  Within about 2 weeks, he was neutered, got all his shots and got his teeth cleaned and was retired in my house!  And what a boy he was!
Handsome and once he got used to us, he was very frisky!  He eventually was about 85 or 90 pounds of sweet wonderful boy.  You know the old joke:  Blind humans have seeing eye dogs, what do blind dogs have, seeing eye humans?  YES, emphatically YES they do.  I was his eyes.
When he went outside in the mornings, he went to the middle of the yard and he'd hold his head up and sniff and sniff and sniff, and he'd turn and sniff and turn and sniff... then he'd put his nose to the ground to make sure no unknown or unwanted creatures were in HIS yard during the night.  In the house you would never have guessed that he was blind!

He was blind by age 3. He also had pannus, cataracts and glaucoma.  This boy didn't have a chance with his eyes.  I have wondered if I should have had his eyes removed when he was young, it would have been 
easier, but then who knew.  But I miss him a lot, he was a very gentle soul and a wonderful 
boy.  He was only 11 when his back end gave out and he left me. 

Ok, gotta get some sleep.  :)  God Bless, Anne

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