Monday, March 18, 2013

Where has this day gone?

Goodness, I feel like this day has flown by!  I have been busy since I got out of bed too.   Cleaning and mopping and all that fun stuff.  Still haven't ruled out doing a little cleaning.
But a friend brought me some really wonderful stuff and I wanted to share!

1.  EGGS!  FRESH EGGS.  Is there anything much better? 

 I just love it when they bring me fresh eggs!  And how pretty are they??  :) 
I'm so happy to have them and am thinking about maybe an egg sandwich for
dinner!  Love Egg Sandwiches!

And they brought me a vacuum cleaner!  It's a Dyson.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dysons!
It's almost brand new too.  I'm thrilled.  One of my Dyson vacuums is one of the original
purple animal ones, and the hose broke on it last summer at the same time my dryer died!
And I used that hose almost daily!  But anyhow, I'm thrilled! 

Ok, must vacuum now and maybe then I can quilt for a bit!


QuiltSwissy said...

Frank has been for years the Vacuum authority in the Swissy World. People all over the US would email and ask for his opinion. He loves him his vacs!

We just got that new one......can't remember what it is. But he likes it and he chose it and he uses it three times a day sometimes!

Anonymous said...
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