Friday, March 1, 2013

Trip to Mexico Part 2 of probably 3 or 4!!

 Ok, once we left the border for the second time, we followed our Priest through the town of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  Lots of cars and lots of small businesses and some we all know!

Dairy Queen!  Love their blizzards, but we didn't stop there!
We went to the mall for lunch!  There were shops of all kinds there, including an oriental restaurant.  I had a burrito for lunch with a bowl of tortilla soup. After I ordered, I went into my purse to get my money out. 
HORRORS... NO wallet in my purse.  ACK! So, lucky me, someone graciously bought me my lunch and I ate it, but I can'ttell you if it was good or bad because I was worried about where on earth mywallet could possibly be. In my wallet was about $135 USD, a couple of mexican coins, my birth certificate and my credit card and ..... ready for this one?........ my drivers license. Fr. Manola said "didn't you have your license when the policia pulled you over and asked for your license? I told him that the Policia didn't ask to see my license.  Fr. was very surprised, he said that they always want to see an American's license if they pull them over.  Now if they had asked me for it and I didn't have it, I would have been detained for sure.  ACK!  Thank goodness my passport was in the pocket in my purse.
See, how horribly wrong my entire day could possibly have gone?    I am so blessed, and I truly believe that God himself was taking care of me!

 There was actually a stage in this food court in the mall.  And it was all decorated up for Valentines day.  I was told that they had a very romantic dance on Valentines evening!  There are 4 large flat screen TVs on both side of the stage, you can see them there.  They were playing something, but I was a bit preoccupied by my missing wallet, and didn't see a thing that was playing.
Most everywhere you go in Mexico you will find pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Even here in this mall at a restaurant!  Can you imagine doing this in the US?  

We left the mall and another gal drove since I had no license with me! We were heading down to Magdalena to see the Church where Father Kino bones are.

Eusebio Kino
Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J., was a Jesuit priest from a town which is now a part of northern Italy. For the last 24 years of his life he worked in the region then known as the Pimería Alta, modern day Sonora in Mexico and southern Arizona.  
:BORN: August 10, 1645, Tail
:DIED: March 15, 1711, Magdalene
 You can see on the map above, it's about 60 miles down into Mexico.  (right above the B)
So we were starting a bit of a trip!
 A HUGE Walmart in Nogales, we also saw Sam's Club, Carl Jr., Peter Piper Pizza and others I can't remember now!

 Mexico is a very Catholic country.  We saw lots of these small buildings that look like mini chapels.
They were everywhere.  Some were very well maintained and some appeared to be in ruins.
 There was acre after acre of green houses here.  They grow tomatoes and I'm betting that
I've eaten quite a few tomatoes that started off in these greenhouses!

 We went through several of these types of stop points.  Usually we had to pay, so they
must be toll roads.  I would like to have been in Father's car to ask these questions!
 Another religious picture, this on was on top of a mountain side!
And another one of these little chapel type places. 
And we passed a beauty shop in one of the small towns we went through.

Tomorrow I'll post the stunning pics of the church where Father Kino's bones are!
God bless,   Anne

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No drivers license? No wallet??? Did you find them when you got home??????

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