Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pictures and stories from Mexican trip!

I'm going to try to post a few of the pictures tonight.  I have spent the entire day manipulating the 600+ pictures I took yesterday!  Probably 10% of them had to be trashed, and then there were quite a few doubles.   And I'm sure not going to post nearly that many here I promise!!  :)

 We live in a beautiful state.  Lots of great mountains and smaller foot hills.  Pretty much any direction I go in I see mountains and then after that range, there's another range. 

 These must be pretty high, there's still snow on them.  But it has been chilly lately, not that I would ever complain!

We went from home to Nogsles, Arizona.  The first church we stopped at was Sacred Heart.  It was stunningly beautiful.  The intricate statues and Crucifix.  Look at that gorgeous altar rail, most churches don't have those anymore.  I would love to drive over to go to mass at this church sometime. 

 And the windows are just almost beyond description they are so beautiful!
 This is one of the angels up by the altar.  Isn't she beautiful?
 As we left, we saw this grotto for a statue of Mary and the graves of the original priests
of the church.  Very unique!

 Then we drove on to St. Felipe de Jesus Parish.  This church is about 20 years old, but very beautiful.

 This beautiful statue is in front of the church.  And look behind at the view, just breathtaking!

Here's that view!
 The front of the church
Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego (I think that's right).  His vision of her was transferred to his shirt.  She's the Patroness of The Americas and is especially loved and respected all over Mexico. 
It was a very special pleasure to visit this Church. 

The next few pics are kind of boring, but they tell the beginning of something I will never forget!
 That car directly in front of me is my priest and 4 others.  We are following them, closely and now that we are heading into Mexico we are especially careful to keep him in sight!

 He's waiting for the green light so he can proceed.
And I'm following him, waited until the light turned and followed.  I wondered why it was so noisy though.
There goes our Priest, under the over pass.  See that curve ahead, kind of behind that sign on the left?  Well, we were out of sight in his rear view mirror when he went around that curve.  So what Fr. Manolo DID NOT SEE was when I got to that underpass, there was a VERY LOUD siren and a truck with flashing lights, so I pulled over so he could pass me.  BUT HE DIDN'T pass me, he pulled in behind me.  
Ok, I've been in Mexico for less than 2 minutes and I'm being pulled over by the police, OMG.  I saw in my head, my jail cell, and wondered if my kids would fight to get me back into the US and if my Dogs would still be alive when next I saw my home... or if I'd even have a home by the time they'd let me return to the USA.  

Ok, so I roll the window down, and I have absolutely NO CLUE why I would be pulled over, none.
This young man, nice looking, but VERY ANGRY is yelling at me in Spanish.  Ok, I know a bit of spanish, but hey, not a lot especially when someone is talking FAST and yelling at me.   Thank goodness Della is a fluent spanish speaker. Evidently he was saying something about women drivers and why on earth was I driving when I didn't know how to drive etc. and so forth.  So I had to do a big U turn and follow that policeman back to the border and pull into a special space.

The next policia walks over and is very calm and speaking to Della and she tells them to go ahead and search the car.  (It's her car I'm driving)  He does so and then waves me away.  I thank them in spanish and say sorry and then get the heck outta there!

Remember that NOISE when I came through the border in the beginning?  Well, that means that one is supposed to pull over and allow the Policia to look through the car etc.  BUT no one told me that.  So I feel very blessed that even though I didn't stop shaking for 15 minutes, it really turned out not to be a huge deal!  It could have been sooooo much worse, I'll tell you how tomorrow, I'm sure your're pretty bored by now!

Have a great evening, and God Bless!


QuiltSwissy said...

Definitely NOT boring!!! Can't wait for the next installment.

I am so glad I didn't have to come and bail you out of Mexican jail!!

glen: I would have, really!

QuiltSwissy said...

I was so taken the the police story that I forgot to say how beautiful the pictures are.