Friday, March 29, 2013

So much sadness...

This isn't the week for dogs I guess, at least not here and not at my friends home either.
Sweet Molly, my friend Vanessa's precious Scottie passed tonight.   I loved Molly, she was a hoot, but then I've found that every Scottie I've ever met has had a huge personality.
 Miss Molly
Miss Molly enjoying the grass at a friends house!

An acquaintance in town lost her dog this week too.  I choose to believe that they are all at the Bridge, whole, happy, pain free and young and running and having fun, waiting on their humans to come and then they'll walk with us into eternity.

We are doing ok here.  Sugar is still looking for Lulu's bowl to lick after meals.  And she seems to be sticking pretty close to me during the day.   But she's been fine when I've had to leave the house.  Rudy, well, that crazy boy is just his crazy lovable self!  He actually is getting more affectionate for some reason in the last couple of days.  He seems to know that I need lots of love from him.  :) 

I think it's meal times when it really smacks me in the face.  Only fixing 2 bowls, and one of those is small.  When I got here 8 years ago, I had 7 big bowls to fix twice a day, and now only 1 big one and Rudy's small one.  I still can't talk about it much without crying, but that too will get better.  But golly, I sure miss my Lulu.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Sorry to hear about Molly, too. But the two of them are walking on the other side of the bridge together. And I think they will find that Bonnie Doon is running things, tell them to look for the tri colored girl who is large and in charge of it all!!!!