Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No sewing today...

I got the movie Lincoln in the mail.
After I started it, my Lulu came over to me and then sat down real funny.  When she got up, her left rear leg is flaccid.  At first I thought it was her entire back end, but it's not.
She's rested and honestly, she's getting around the house with 3 legs, but the 4th is dragging and she whimpers.  She pants badly when standing, and she's standing quite a bit. 
So I'm going to let her rest today and through the night, and if it's not any better at all, I'll call the vet tomorrow.  Even a smidgen of improvement and we won't be going to the vet.  But it's just hanging and dragging at this point.
Makes me very sad and makes me just want to break down and cry and beat my fists on the floor, but I won't do that. 
Anyhow, some pics of my girl for you.  :)

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QuiltSwissy said...

I am so sorry about the leg. If it is dragging I would go to the vet rather than wait, unless you know what it is.

I hope this morning finds her better. It is so horrible when our beloved ones are hurting.

My thoughts are there with you!