Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lazy lazy me!

It's been a lazy day!  I've not done any sewing or quilting at all.  I really tried to do some cleaning and didn't get very far with that either.  And for about the first 3 hours I was up, the blog list never updated, really threw me off.  Maybe there is something to a reader, I'll have to think about that for a bit!

The other day I changed the blade in my rotary cutter.  I really push those blades, probably using them longer than I should.  But they are expensive.  I looked up some prices...
At Joann's...
A 45 mm 2 pack of straight edge, is $13.99 to $17.99.  FOR TWO BLADES!  And a 5 pack for $28.49  That's 5.70 each in the 5 pack, and that's EXPENSIVE and more expensive for the 9$ each in the two pack for $17.99. 
I mean, come on people, these are simply round razor blades.  Over 5$ a blade?

Well, I don't pay that much for mine.  I have found a wonderful place where I can pay 2$ for a 45 mm blade or even as little as $1.79 each... if I'm willing to buy 100 at a time.   A hundred of them is a lot, but not so much if you can get 5 or 6 people to go in on it with you!

Here's where I buy my blades:
J Hittle Sewing  Check them out, they are great, I've bought lots of things here from needles to thread to seam rippers and much more.  I love this place, the prices are usually really good, and they have specials every weekend.   I've never had any kind of problems with this company and I've probably ordered from them 50 times.  :)  I highly recommend them. 

I got my Fireworks pattern from  Thimble Blossoms today. 

I have decided that I will use solids for the outer parts of the block and for the centers I am going to use prints.  I'll have to see how that works. 

But I can't start this until I finish the 2 quilts for my Granddaughters. 

I'm kind of sad that there are not more blocks to make for the Flower Girl quilt.  I so enjoyed doing those blocks. 

Tonight I watched Julie & Julia.  I've never seen it before, and quite honestly I loved it!  Meryl Streep did a fantastic job of being Julia I think. 

Years ago I read the book and I think the movie did a great job of making the book come alive.  :)

I'm probably never ever get into cooking French food, but it sure looked good!

Ok, that's my lazy day.   I did do some book keeping and such, so those chores are out of the way for the time being.  :)  I actually like doing books, it makes me feel so good when they balance.  :)

Have a great Friday folks and God Bless.  Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I will go in with you on the blades.

Another option is to go to harbor freight (either in the store or online) and find the 45mm carpet cutting blades. They are perfect for my rotary cutter at cheap cheap prices.