Monday, February 18, 2013

Wow, it's been more than a week....

And what a week it's been!
Let See, last Monday (a week ago today) our Pope announced that he was going to resign the Papacy.   What a shock.  I was kind of stunned when I first read it.  It's been more than 600 years since a pope left the position in any way except through death.
Pope Benedict XVI was our 256th Pope.  I believe that he's done a good job in the short time he's been in office.  And I think it's OK for him to remove himself if he feels he's too infirm and frail to continue. 

What a great time to be alive and to watch the election of a new Pope.  It's all going to be very exciting to watch the conclave of Cardinals get together and elect a new Pope.  There will be 117 cardinals in the Sistine Chapel and begin the process of electing one of those 117 men to be our new Pope. 

When John Paul II  died, I was watching, but wasn't so involved with my Church as I am now.  There's a lot of speculation about a number of things, when they will begin the conclave and how long it's going to take, and who are the front runners to be elected Pope.  An exciting time to be Catholic.  I think this will mean a lot to the church and hopefully we'll get a younger man who will be around for many years.


A couple of weeks ago,  my friend A and I went to Costco in Tucson to get some stuff.  I like to get a huge 50 pound bag of rice there, and some of my sweetener packets and creamer and my OTC drugs like Advile  Benedryl and such there because they are cheaper than most anywhere else.
But while she was looking to buy some new drinking glasses, I ran across this:

Do you know what it is?  It's a container that you can put something liquid into and
pump it up and then it sprays.  I have put Olive oil in mine!  It's called a Misto

See, there's a spray thing on the top.  And then you put that lid on (to the right of the mister)
and you pump it up and then the liquid sprays out.  It's REALLY cool.  
I love to put olive oil on my Popcorn, and this makes it soooooo much easier and I put so
much less on, and that means less calories.  
They came 2 to the box, so A and I shared one box and so we each got one.  Now I kind of wish that I had gotten a 2 pack because I'd love to put vinegar in the second one for salads and such!

 You can see the olive oil in there, you fill it only half way up.  I LOVE this thing. 
Really, how did I ever live without it?  :)


I love hard boiled eggs.  They go great in most salads (including egg salad which I LOVE) and can even be eaten alone for a quick breakfast.  I would love to take them to carry in's and such, but honestly, I have so much trouble peeling boiled eggs. 
I put them in the water, bring the water to a rolling boil and then turn the heat off and let them sit about 12 minutes or so.  Then I put them into ice water.  And sometimes they peel great and sometimes it's pure heck to get those shells off.   
So how do you do it?  Any secrets to perfect boiled eggs?  Share you hints with me please!

You KNEW this was going to be a long post didn't you?  

I live in Arizona, and it's dry here, but not so much in the winter, it's been in the 20's lately.  Today at this very moment, it's 11% which is low, but not as low as it gets.  But anyhow, when it gets chilly out or cold, my skin get's sooooo dry and the corners of my thumbs crack and often bleed and hurt like the dickens. 
I used to put PSO (polysporin ointment) on them with band aids, but that took 2 or 3 days and if I was sewing, I was afraid of leaving grease spots on everything.  So a friend told me that she super glues hers.  I wanted to smack myself upside the head.  I should have thought of that, I've seen plenty of wounds and even surgical wounds (small ones) glued together in my time, and the vet's been doing it for many years to my dogs!  BOY oh boy does it work.  There is a moment of burning, but in the minute or so that the glue takes to dry, most of the pain is gone, and if you bump it, you can feel it, but you don't rip them open and they don't bleed all over the place!
 See that nasty slice along the side of my thumb.  That thing REALLY hurts bad, especially if I bump it!
And you know, I never really knew how cracked and dry my thumb looked until I took this picture!
See the glue on it.  Pain all gone and in a day it will be healed.  You just let the glue wear off. 
Much easier and quicker and neater way to fix a hurting thumb!


And Lent has started.   I didn't make it to Ash Wednesday Mass, but I did make to Stations of the Cross on Friday evening.  Then we went and got a fish dinner at the local restaurant.   And we went out for dinner after Mass on Saturday.  Always a fun thing to do.  Father went with us and he's a lot of fun to be around.  

I didn't give anything up for lent, but I did add some stuff for lent.  An extra Rosary every day, the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day and I'm back to praying the Liturgy of the Hours at least three times a day and four  times if I can manage.  I really love the LOTH and enjoy doing it, but it can be a tad bit time consuming.  Saturday I didn't get around to Morning prayer until almost 11 in the morning!  And I had to do Evening prayer and Night prayer at the same time.

Hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner.  :) 

Well, that is about it.  I didn't get to quilt at all, but I did get to sew several days, and that felt wonderful!  

Have a great week, and God Bless.  :) 


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Stitches 'n Styles said...

Anne, Fresh eggs won't peel as easily as those which are a week or more old. Also, if you put at least a tablespoon of salt in the water, that will allow them to peel easier.