Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today dawns clear and COLD

and if you look closely, there's SNOW out there.

Yesterday was icky, it was gloomy and cold and snowy.  At one point it was hailing, snowing, thundering and the wind was blowing hard and tumbleweeds were blowing down the street! 
At 7:30 am it's only about 22 degrees outside.   I'm told that the colder it is in the winter, the less rattlesnakes we'll have in the spring.  So I guess that's almost a fair trade off, almost, not quite!
As cold as it is, this snow might just stay around for a day or so.  BLECH!

 See that tumbleweed flying down the road?
This is the field or pasture behind me.  Not a creature was
stirring in it yesterday!

 Rudy on the deck last night at last turn out.  He was throwing 
that pepper around shortly after I took this!  He loves the snow.
 Lulu yesterday afternoon, she's ok with it, she's seen a whole
lot more snow than this in her lifetime!
 My little boy hiking that little leg as high as he possibly can!
 Run Rudy Run!  Something he LOVES to do!
Sugar in the snow on the deck.  She too has seen a whole
lot more snow than this.  She's pretty unimpressed!

 Rudy has a VERY bad habit of picking up any sock that he sees and carrying it outside with him as though it were a stuffed animal.  I really like my socks, and not one of them are cheapies that you can get at any of the local SomethingMart store.  So last night when he was outside in the snow, he was tossing something around.  I looked, and darned if it wasn't one of my favorite socks... dang dog thought it was a toy I suppose.  He finally brought it back onto the porch and I was able to snatch it from him.  At least it wasn't my undies last night in the snow, he's grabbed some of those too to take out!   When I do laundry, I always check the table by the door to make sure I get the pile of socks and undies there that I've taken away from Rudy!  At least Glen, not like your DiNozzo who would probably have eaten my socks and undies!

Hope you have a great day.  Stay warm!  God Bless,    Anne


QuiltSwissy said...

Yes, we would have eaten those socks and undies! For sure!

That is a great shot of the ball offer running in a big blur!

Less rattlesnakes, I'll go for that!


QuiltSwissy said...

Ball of fur! Gotta love the way it fils in its own words!