Monday, January 28, 2013

Trying to find the good....

Spent hours today online.  I'm looking for a new wireless router.
I spent 3 hours and made 18 phone calls.  And the winner is...... Amped. Why?  They are located in the USA and their customer service and tech help is all located in the USA.   So, in a day or two I will be battling the installation of a new router.... ARGH!!!  Hoping it works well and is easy.  :)  I think I'll go to Mass and pray before starting that installation. 

I did get a little time to quilt yesterday!!!  YAYAYAYAY    But it was a total failure.  BOOOO.  But sometimes failures happen.  So I'm going to gather my self together and hope to quilt at least a few hours this week!

See, here I am ripping and ripping and ripping.... I hate to rip!
I need a sign that says:  As Ye sew, so shall Ye rip!

 And here I just cut it up, I was a bit very frustrated!
This was after the 3rd try, and I wasn't going for a 4th!

Tomorrow I sew collars and leashes and harnesses Oh my!! 

It's going to get pretty cold here tonight so I'm heading to bed early.  Leaving faucets dripping and heaters on and going to snuggle into my bed under 2 or 3 quilts!  None of the dogs sleep in my bed, the girls push me out and Rudy is too young to have bed privileges yet, so no snuggling with dogs.  (though it would probably be a 2 dog night here tonight!)

Have a great tomorrow and God Bless    Anne

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