Saturday, January 26, 2013

Busy Day!

I've been trying to get my old email off the blogger page for months.  I finally figured out how to do that, and then it won't let me use my main email account.
Do y'all have GMail?  I loathe it, I will never use email where I have to go somewhere on the web and read my mail.  I've tried yahoo and others and I just never get there to check the mail.  I must have 10 gmail accounts because sometimes they work and sometimes they don't and I had to have one for my phone, took me about 9 tries!
Took me about 6 tries just now to redo my email and my back up email for Blogger.
To the best of my knowledge, I don't have but two things I use gmail for, my smart phone and blogger now.  But it just kept rejecting my email addresses. 
How many email address to you have?  I am lucky, I have my own web site and can pretty much make as many email address as I want, but it's a pain to do so.  I check those email accounts with my Window's Mail Program all accounts in one fell swoop!
But how do people who don't have their own website come up with all the different emails that they need to have in today's world?  I'm really curious.  :)

Rudy and the girls, Lulu and Sugar are doing very well.  Rudy is such a little boy.  He's now lifting his leg when he tinkles.  It's so cute, but he sometimes lifts it so high that I think he's going to roll over onto the other side.    My Standard Poodle Magick and my 3 male Greyhounds never lifted their legs, so this is pretty new to me, first male dog I've ever had who lifts.   And every now and again he gets a tumbleweed stuck in his um.. you know, down there, when he lifts.  And then he hops around like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Today I've been researching WIFI routers.  I need to find a good commercial one that can let about 30 people in and give them decent speed to surf the internet or download a book to their kindle etc.  Anyone have any good ideas?

Ok, back to my research, hope everyone has a wonderful day.  God Bless, Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Rudy gave me a good laugh with his tumbleweed story! LOL.

The bassets rarely lift their legs, McGee never has that I know of. DiNozzo does sometimes but never high. Dutch lifted his leg so high I thought he would tip over!

They say, the higher the squirt, the more macho the dog is to other dogs!

Bonnie Doon would lift her leg, position her butt and pee high on things too. She was definitely Alpha! Dutch, not so despite his high trajectory.

Oh, and I only have two email addresses. Both are cox accounts, jobforce and obed101. The jobforce was my business account that I opened the account with years ago, and I can't get rid of it. And Obed101 was my dog training business and what most people know me as now.