Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More cold... bah humbug....

Got chilly last night and then when I put the dogs out for last potty, it was spitting rain.  I should have realized that in 10 degrees that spitting rain would become spitting snow.
And yes, I woke up to some snow.  But even for here, it's a very small amount of snow!  And so I took some pictures!  Didn't get the dogs, they were too busy running in the cold.  Rudy just looked at it and then did his business.
So here's some pictures.  I also have some pics from last week when it was so stormy and the clouds were so dark and evil looking!

The snow from my deck, out over the pasture (which is the brown part at the bottom of the picture) and looking at the fields where there is a crop planted.  (the white is the snow on the crops!)

On my deck, with little foot prints in it from the girls!

Snow on the trees, bushes and my wind chimes... as you can see, not very much at all.

It didn't stick in the yard, but on the deck railing it did! 

Last week, some of the storm clouds from the church parking lot.

The clouds over the pasture behind me

The clouds over the mountains, I think this is over the Chiricahua Mountains.... maybe not, it might be the mountains to the north of us and I'm not sure about their names!

More clouds over the mountains

 Mr. Rudy in the yard last week!  We are still working on brushing and I hope to have him groomed in the next month.

Miss Lulu in the yard.. Yes, she wears a muzzle with a stool cup in it.. she enjoyed frozen (or not) yard treats.  (which is why I'm constantly picking up the poop!)

And my sweet Miss Sugar heading into the house from the yard!

Hoping that this is the last cooooooold snap of the year.  I'm about sick of the cold!  I really don't mind 60's during the day (would prefer 70's) and the high 30's at night (would prefer high 40's) but this 24 degree stuff at night and 41 degree stuff during the day is NOT fun!! 

Have a great day, and God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

We are hot....very hot. I just turned on the AC.

I, too, have a poop eater. In fact I have TWO!