Monday, January 14, 2013

I am so ready for this week to be over....


Water was on yesterday (Sunday) by about 10:30 am or so.  There was an issue with the well and a part that had to be replaced.  Not a big deal as far as ease of replacing, or cost even, just really inconvenient!  So we lived through Sunday.  Then it was supposed to warm up overnight.  Nope, didn't happen, back down to 6 degrees this morning.  However, the water didn't freeze and that was good! 
But I am COLD, really cold, and tired of being cold.   I don't think This part of Arizona is supposed to get this cold.  It wasn't much warmer in Phoenix today either.  
It's supposed to be 14 tonight again.  Right now at 10pm it's 20 degrees.  The dogs just went out for last potty and  hopefully this will be our last crazy cold night for a long time.  I'm used to 25-30 degree nights, that's not too terrible, but prefer the 40 degree nights and 75 degree days!

Ok, the dogs want my attention for some reason, have a great tomorrow, God Bless,  Anne

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