Sunday, January 13, 2013

Almost 2 in the morning......

and it's 9 degrees outside and I have no water.  Thankfully I put some in bottles before I went to bed.  I left faucets at a trickle and at 1am they stopped and it woke me up.  Oh joy.
At least I shall have coffee in the morning and the dogs will have breakfast and fresh water.
It's warmer in New York than it is in Pearce, heck, it's warmer in Cincinnati than it is in Pearce in the DESERT! 

Hoping to get some sleep tonight, but I have my doubts.  :(   And I was hoping for a wonderful sleep tonight so I could quilt in the morning.  *sigh*  And this means no early shower......grrrrr..  Glad I went to Mass tonight so at least I was squeaky clean!!  :)

Such is life I suppose.  Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

We have water but can't flush the toilets when it rains!! And we are on the city sewerage system. So it is raining, no toilets and the temps dropped about 20 degrees in an hour!

Rudy is so cute with his stuffies!!g

Get that block in!!!