Thursday, December 13, 2012

The week is almost over....

And I'm tired!  BUT,  several good things have happened to me!

1. RUDY LOST HIS NEEDLE TEETH!!!  Yippee, I am so over joyed about this!  He's got all these little new nubs of toofers coming into his mouth!  I just went and bought him some chew toys so he can get those new toofers in and will quit trying to chew on my arm!!

2.  Tomorrow I am going to start on my quilting area and get it all cleaned up nice and spiffy.  I'm getting this wonderful urge to QUILT!  I have seen two things I MUST make, in addition to the curvy things I am going to tackle.
This one is from the Moda Bake Shop:

I saw this and HAD to download the instructions.  I just love this, and I have a ton of 2.5" strips that I cut back for the jelly roll 1600 quilt race.

The next thing I saw was this beauty!

I signed up for a news letter and got the pdf files for Build Your Best Log Cabin from Fons and Porter.
I think I would use different colors, brighter ones probably.  I know that the log cabins tend to be less bright, but I really like brights!! Maybe it's just that the black background needs to be white?  Hum, will have to think on this for a while!

Missed a meeting today at church because the gal who is supposed to call everyone and remind them didn't have time to do it and I thought the meeting was next week.  Oh well, such is life, but I hate to miss things I've committed myself to do. 

And how was your day????? 

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