Friday, December 14, 2012

Cold and wet...

And not very fun.  It's about 40 degrees this morning.  It rained all night last night right until daylight today.  Good thing is that is IS NOT SNOW.  We don't like snow!  Not only is it wet, but it's windy as well.  My wind chimes blew all night long and I remember hearing them quite a few times during the night. 

When we went out this morning, it was with sad hearts that we saw that DuckDuck was laying face down in the puddle and is presumed to be a lost DuckDuck.

Hopefully we can get DuckDuck and clean him up and make him as good as new.  I'm not wading in the water to get him out!!  Poor Duckduck!  Spotty bone was in the mouth this morning instead of the duck.  :)

Rudy LOVES this weather.  He loves to chase leaves or anything that blows across his path.  Such enthusiasm for life, wish I was more like him most days!

I've been up forever, a neighbor called me at 5 something this morning and said someone was breaking into her house.  Good grief, call the police, what am I supposed to do about it?  But alas, I did, Rudy and I took a VERY early morning walk in the wind and the rain and saw nothing at all.

So I have to run to the bank and the post office today and then I'm coming home and getting busy on my quilting area!    Have a good day all!   God Bless, Anne


sandraspencer said...

Well was someone actually breaking into her house??? What did you do?????

QuiltSwissy said...

So funny that she would call you and not the police. Probably didn't wnat to embarass herself! Next time tell her to call the police! Don't you go out there!

Poor DuckDuck! We have had a few of those unfortunate problems. And a few squeakies have spent the night outside or in the rain.

They do dry out. The squeaker dies however, if you wash them. I get new squeakers and put them in. Not sure where anymore, I would get them at the Dog Shows.