Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another LONG Tuesday!!

It has been along day.  But ultimately it's been productive, so I'll forgive it for going on for hours and hours longer than 24 hours!

In the mornings, I usually make my bed as soon as I'm dressed.  I made that a new habit when I first moved here.  Anyhow, of course, today I did not make my bed for some reason.
I also put "things" on my bed to keep the dogs off my bed as the girls don't have the worlds best bladder control at their ages of 13.  As of yet, Rudy is too small to jump up on the bed.  :) 

Anyhow, I've had a small quilt in my quilting frame so I can do some hand quilting on it here and there.  It's been more there than here, but hey, it will get done some day.  So this is a small frame, so I've been laying it on my bed to keep the girls off of it.

So this morning I'm walking to the bathroom after my first cup of coffee and Low and behold, there is Sugar up on my bed in the middle of the quilting frame!   So I had to get a picture of her, the sassy little gal!

There's the brat!  I had to take the quilt out of the frame to move the frame, I was afraid that she'd hurt herself getting out of that thing.  Oh, what I don't do for my dogs.

So anyhow, a cute Tuesday picture of my gorgeous bratty Sugar girl!!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Too funny! If McGee had been there, however, he would have EATEN the quilt and chewed the frame as a bone and you wouldn't have missed it for two weeks!