Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

I spent the weekend getting absolutely nothing accomplished at all.  Seriously!!

On Friday evening, the local Mennonite community hosted their annual Soup and Pie Supper.  I've not missed one of these in years, so I went with friends and had a great time!  This is actually held by the youth, they set it all up and do the cooking and serve the soup and coffee etc.  I had my usual Ham Chowder, and is that stuff wonderful!  Seriously good.  :) Then I had some Peach pecan pie and it was Ok.  I should have gone with my gut and had either the regular pecan or the Lemon Meringue pie. 
Then the youth sing.  The Mennonites sing like angels and harmonize so beautifully.  I could listen to them sing for hours. 
After the 40 minutes of music, then came the quilt auction.  They actually have an auctioneer who does it and it's so much fun.  The quilt was in shades of aqua with brown.  It was BIG and very very nice.  It sold for $950.  All that money goes to charity along with the cash that people give for the meal.  I just love my Mennonite friends.  I've missed seeing them as I've not been to quilting since September.   I sure wish I could have taken pictures, but they don't do pictures, and I would never insult them by ignoring their beliefs.

I paid for that evening out!  I was starting to feel much better but on that night I coughed and coughed and coughed and hardly slept at all.  I hate being sick.  I spent as much time on Saturday sleeping as I could.  I missed church on Saturday and on Sunday. But I'm starting to feel better, but I think I'll wait until next weekend to make any plans to be out and about much at all!

It's COLD today.  It fell down into the 20's last night.  The high today is supposed to be between 55 and 60.  Burrrrrrrrrr, I'm freezing!

I have been reading a good set of books.  (I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle!!!) 
The Survivors: Book One (Life After War) By Angela White.  Actually, there are 4 books written and more to come.  I'm on book 4, probably 3/4ths of the way through it.  The first two books in the series are free.  I like that price.  :)  
I won't pay the 9.99 that so many books cost, it's way too much for a kindle edition.  Especially when the physical book is just a dollar or two more.  
I do see some things wrong with kindles... some books tell you that you can't share.  Well, if you buy the physical copy you can share...hello???  And some folks say that if the author in the future decides that they don't want their books on Amazon kindles, they will just remove the books from your cloud or your device... now that sure seems unfair to me!  But hey, when I bought physical books, I'd rarely keep them and re-read them for long, so I guess it's the same idea!

Ok, that's all I have to say at the moment.  Time to feed the dogs!  Have a wonderful Monday, and God Bless,  Anne

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