Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy Day...

It's been a busy day and I still feel pretty icky!  But when I'm busy, I don't feel as bad as when I dwell on it! 
I didn't get any sewing machines turned on today.  I've been busy with my job that I have.  It's basically property management and sometimes it can be a real pain!  :)   It seems like there is always some kind of drama going on around here, but that's ok too.  :)

Years and years ago when I was a kid, one of my Mom's friends had a boxer.  And that was the sweetest dog, but for the life of me, for the past 20 years I couldn't remember the dogs name!  I found this lady's daughter online and finally I got to ask her what the dogs name was!  Such a silly thing I know, but now my curiosity is satisfied!!  BTW, the dog's name was Starlight.  She was such a pretty dog.   And the lady who owned her was one of my Mom's best friends in the whole world and I loved the heck out of that lady! She was even there for me when I was having my first child.  :)  She's been gone for many years now, but it always makes me smile when I think of her.  :)

Rudy has had a barking kind of day for some reason!!  I'll be glad when it's bed time!

I made ginger teriyaki stir fry for dinner tonight.  It was yummy, but I'm stuffed!  It's been a long time since I have made that!

I got in some supplies for making collars, webbing and a new trim and some leash snaps.  Boy oh boy was that box heavy!  Hope to feel like I can sit and sew tomorrow and have the time to do it also! 

That's pretty much been my day.  And now it's time to get the dogs out and head to bed at 9 myself! 
Have a great tomorrow and God Bless.  :)

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