Friday, August 24, 2012

LONG day, but a fun and very good one!

Today has been all about Rudy.  My schedule was totally abandoned and everything I did today was worked in around Rudy and his needs!  Of course, he's had a very big day too and he's handled it like a champ!
He left his doggie Mom today and now lives with his human mom...that would be me!
He also had 3 puppy siblings and now he's got 2 elderly female dogs in his life!
Yesterday he nursed and today he was eating dog food and drinking water. 

He's such a sweet little boy and he's been so good, but since most dogs cry at night, I'm sure my night will be very long.

He's been eating about every 4 hours.  And he's eaten almost a small can of food which is good.  He weighed in at 3 pounds and 9 ounces earlier today.  I'm going to weigh him daily for a bit to make sure he's eating enough.  He's been outside a number of times and he's learning to pee and poop in the yard.  We've had about 75% success rate so far. 
He's run in the yard, chased me and attacked my shoe laces, he's run from the wind and ran for cover once!  After he ate tonight I took him out, we played in the yard for a bit and then came back in and had a serious loving and cuddling session.  When I put him back into his crate, he barked at me!  And made some play growling noises while wrestling his blanket!  Such a silly, funny, vocal and loving little boy!

The girls are being good, they were very interested at first but seem to be taking him in stride now.  I won't be letting him run around without lots of supervision for a long time, so they will be getting in some sniff time and then eventually some bonding time I hope.

Pictures, I have pictures.  You KNEW I would!

 His first meal.  I put the first bite or two into his mouth and then he started eating it on his own. 
The syringe is there because he doesn't want to lap up water yet, so I gently give him a little water with the syringe (no needle, just the syringe)

Yup, most of it is gone!

My little chunky monkey doing his business out in the yard!

Isn't he adorable?  He's so sweet and so cute!

And he spends a great deal of time sleeping on his back doing the perfect roach! 
If you are not familiar with the term roaching or roach, it's like a dead cockroach, when they die, they often times die on their backs, and when a dog is snoozing on it's back, it's like the dead cockroach, so it's called roaching!  And Rudy is a PRO at roaching!

Wish me luck that I'll get some sleep tonight!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhh how adorable is that little guy on his back!!! He must be tiny, I am so used to BIG dogs.

But he has great taste in china!