Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good morning!

Yes, it is a good morning, albeit quite early!!  Guess what?  I did get plenty of sleep last night!  Rudy ate at 10pm and we were in bed at 10:30.  I put him in his crate and put it next to my bed.  He woke up once that I remember and I told him it was ok and I was there and I didn't hear another sound from him until I got up at 6am. 
When he got up, he want out and piddled and then ate.  He ate more than 1/4 cup of wet food with water on it.  I'd actually say that this morning, he ate with gusto!  Took him out after he ate and we played 'chase Mom all over the yard' and then I tried to teach him to walk up the ramp and now he's sacked out in his crate!  He just barked in his sleep and is running in his sleep.  What a cutie!  I have pictures!!

This was last night, more sleeping on his back!  He seems to really like that position!

Eating his breakfast.  Someone asked me where he eats, he has been eating on my computer table... where else?  *grin*  Anyhow, he enjoys eating!

In the back yard, his little tail was wagging pretty fast here!

Chasing me!
And learning to come up the ramp! 

Ok, I have about a million things to do today, catching up from yesterday!  Have a wonderful day and God Bless, Anne


QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. I wonder who that little blaze face came from, mom or dad? Neither breed has a blaze! LOL.

Did you get the email I sent with the suggestions on training a Watch Me?

I got several bounce backs after I THOUGHT I used the "new" address so I am not really sure what went through and what didn't!


sandraspencer said...

Sheesh, what a cutie pie!