Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Monday!

Wow, what a busy last few days I've had! 

Last Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale.  I had four items there for sale and sold three things. I sold 2 Elmo dolls, I sold one recliner chair.  And I didn't sell the old exercise bike that really works.  I have no room for it.  Between my treadmill and my elliptical machine, I have no more room in my living room for more exercise equipment.  And I really don't use what I have often enough.  (I know, shame on me!) 
But it's a give away at this point, so if someone wants it, I'll donate it to them.  I only was asking 5 bucks for it in the first place.  

And then today while I'm cleaning up a bit, I find more stuff that I should have had for sale at the yard sale.  ARGH!  Well, maybe we'll have another one in the future.  :)
But we had fun I guess, it was hot, but not unbearable.  And my friend made a few bucks and was glad that some of her stuff was making it's way to new homes.  It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate as we live!  And how much "STUFF" we don't need!

Yesterday I sewed many collars and harnesses and such.  Today I ran it to the post office, I have some stuff going to Australia, and I have to do that in person at the post office. 

OHHHHHHHH  let me tell you about my morning this morning!  This is soooo funny.  :)  I have a friend who lives in a 5th wheel.  Lovely home, really, it's really nice.  But anyhow, she called me this morning about 7:30ish, and she rarely calls me that early.  Anyhow, she's locked in (YES, I said IN ) her house, her hubby locked her in really well this morning when he went off to work!  She's got two puppers who need to go out and pee, and she can't get out the door!  So she calls me because I just happen to have a key to her house.  I go down and my key won't work.  So she has to find a way to hand out to me her keys so I can try them, and finally I was able to free her and her two pups!  And relief was had by all!
So after we got all of our running done early this morning, we went out to breakfast to relax and laugh at her potentially terrible problem this morning!   Thankfully every thing came out Ok!

I sewed for a while this afternoon, but my back was hurting and I gave up and went out to talk to friends and neighbors.  :)

Mass was great on Saturday, our priest has been on vacation for a month and he was back, I really missed him a lot!  Can't wait to hear the stories of  his time away from the parish.  :)

Friday I had a pizza.  I LOVE Red Baron Pizza's, the little individual ones, deep dish supreme.  :)  I buy them all the time.  Anyhow, I was opening a box of them (there's 2 in each box) and the first one out was funny looking....

See, it's missing about a third of the toppings.  And the other side isn't piled high with toppings...
I ate it, but I sure did miss those toppings!

I REALLY LOVE these things and they are usually just perfect!

the yard sale!

More yard sale!

I feel kind of guilty, this is supposed to be a blog about quilting and I haven't quilted in a coon's age!
I swear, I am going to quilt soon!!!

Have a great week, and God Bless.  :)

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QuiltSwissy said...

good to get rid of stuff at a yard sale. We have needed to have one for ages with Frank's momma's stuff we pay for in storage. but that is another story! argghhhhh!

too funny about being locked IN!