Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st... no it can't be....

Time is flying away from me!  I cannot believe that summer is almost half gone!

Today was a hot and humid day. This has truly been a humid summer, very icky sweaty and humid summer.

I didn't get to quilt.  But I had to run a collar order to the post office this morning.  And then I got a harness ready to deliver... not that I do that very often, but this was a special thing and I was looking forward to delivering it!

 Isn't that the cutest goat?  Her name is Henrietta and she's wearing a Majestic Collars Harness! 

My friend went with me and this is her dog Molly.  Molly had a HUGE BLAST rolling in the hay that is on the floor or Henrietta's living quarters. 
 Molly rolling some more!

The teen who owns the goat brought out some corn and shook the can and the goat and the chickens came running.  Running chickens are sooooo funny!

I love chickens.  I have much chicken envy!
 Aren't these ladies beautiful?

Henrietta going for a walk in her new harness!

Then we went over to the shade tree and sat down.  Molly LOVES grass.  She rolled and rolled and rolled in the grass!  We don't have much grass where we live and Molly was just in heaven!

Will you look at that smile???

This is Molly's little sister Bear, and she had a blast today, she ran and ran and chased my friends children and was soooo happy!  She also loves to eat chicken poop evidently... but what dog can refuse such a wonderful snack?  :) 

My friend whose home we were at went into the house and brought out fresh lemonade sweetened with honey. It was wonderful!  And it was so nice sitting under the tree in the shade that we spent about an hour enjoying it!

And now I guess this makes me an official Goat Harness maker!!!

Have a great tomorrow!  God Bless, Anne

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